Payment by bank transfer:

If you choose this method of payment you your payment for goods point
to our account 3 ways.

1st   by bank transfer from your account (internetbanking, GSM banking)
2nd composition of cash at any branch of our bank directly to our account
3rd  sending sums of type A postal order from any post in the Czech Republic
4rd  sending sums by Western Union .

Bank connects:
Account number: 000000000 / 0300 International format account number is sent after the order from abroad via e-mail client, together with the amount of postage according to the applicable fare Czech Post. Variable symbol is identical to ID your order, which will receive the confirmation email. Paid goods will be prepared and immediately upon receipt of payment to our account will be sent.

Cash on delivery:
Goods pay delivery service to take over the order. In the case of supply of goods outside the Czech Republic is always required payment in advance.

Cash The personal collection:
In this case, pay cash for takeover the goods.

Duties And Taxes

International orders are subject to duties, taxes and customs charges. The recipient is responsible for the payment of applicable duties, taxes and other fees. Please contact your customs office for information on duties, taxes and restricted items.

How about VAT?

VAT stands for value-added tax, which is charged on most goods and services within the European Union.
A 21% VAT is collected on orders dispatched to countries within the European Union. Orders sent to addresses anywhere else in the world are not subject to VAT but they may be subject to local taxes and customs charges.