We will be able to offer our services, we need to know some of your personal data. We respect your privacy, and so we try to minimize the amount of such data to the data nejnutnijší and protect against misuse. Our work with the full personal data is subject to legal standards, particularly the law on secure personal data.

Personal data
Since you as a customer individuals we have to ask when buying the following information: name, full mailing address, phone, e-mail address. These data are necessary for your identification, to communicate with you, to realise the sale of goods and booking of your payment for goods. If you buy a company we need in addition the company's offices, IE and DIE.

Information on your activities
Information on your purchases, your claims and other activities in our online shop are also the confidential nature and subject to the same safety rules as a work of personal data.

All data, which you and your purchases collect, protect against misuse, do not anyone else (except by providing forwarding services or payments that it receives the minimum necessary information about the customer needed for the smooth execution of specific orders) and serves only to the quality of our provision services. We reserve the right to use your data to send information on discounts, news and other marketing activities. In each sent the following e-mail's how we simply tell you this, and do not prohibit such use to us. Also, you have the right at any time to tell us in writing of any changes, additions, the request for elimination of all your personal data, which you previously provided.

Your consent
By using our Internet commerce agree to the collection and use of personal data in the extent and agree with the above rules.