The complaint process in compliance with applicable law in Czech republic
(Civil Code for individuals, the Commercial Code for legal persons).
All goods are covered by statutory warranty time 24 months, unless otherwise indicated in the product.

The claim for guarantees men lapse if:
The product was damaged then shipping (Obvious damage to the goods or their packaging needs
to be addressed immediately with the carrier. The customer is not obliged to such goods from the carrier
must take over and the damage immediately inform the seller).
The product was damaged neodbornou installing or treatment, and staff carried out contrary to the user
manual (if there is a product).
The product was used in a manner that did not correspond parametrum and requirements set out in the documentation (if a product exists).
The product was damaged the action element.
The product was damaged excessive load or use contrary to the conditions specified in the documentation
(if a product exists).
The product has been damaged due to involvement in the network, which is not relevant ESN.

To claim:
Tell us about a complaint by phone or e-mail.
Goods send a recommended package to our address.
To give a reason consignment claims and attach  copy of the tax document.
Your complaint process as quickly as possible, but not later than 30 days after its adoption.
The product should not be used for other activities than those to which it was produced.